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About Us


Northshore Handmade began a few years ago when our family decided to make the move from Waterloo, Ontario to the Niagara region causing us to leave our friends, family and for me, to leave behind a career that I absolutely loved. While seeking my next steps here in Niagara, I started crafting with yarn. Well, making one hat quickly became two which lead to many more and soon Northshore was born! It was through the slow process of creating I realized that I was ready to go for a dream- that being to become a midwife and care for families in the Niagara!

So I applied to the midwifery education program and got accepted at Ryerson in Toronto! This year I leave my career in mental health behind and look forward to being back in school full time while starting my clinical placements. Making knitwear for you not only give me the gift of a stress release, but also keeps me focused to keep going for a dream. My hope for you is that wearing our cozy handmade accessories will remind you that we are all ‘Made for More’ and even encourage you to keep going after your dreams.

Thank you for joining with me along this journey, and please contact me if you have questions – whether it be about life as a student midwife, birthing babies or about hats and booties, I would love to chat with you! Follow along on my #studentmidwife journey on Instagram @northshorehandmade